Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics--亚太理论物理中心



  Welcome to the Asia-Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP), which was established in 1996 to be a leader in world physics research, to facilitate international collaboration, and to train young scientists in the Asia-Pacific region. The Center was relocated to the POSTECH campus in 2001. We celebrated the Center’s 20th anniversary with 15 member countries this year.

  The Center now runs numerous research programs: Junior Research Group (JRG), which promotes young scientists in leadership roles; Young Scientist Training, which provides post-doctoral positions; and the Visitors Program, which allows short and long-term visits of researchers from across the Asia-Pacific region. The Center also supports scientific activities: Academic programs, Focus programs, and Outreach Programs along with the online web-journal, “Crossroads”. On collaboration with member countries and partner institutes, the Center supported 8 external and 4 joint activities in 2016.

  The JRG program was introduced by Prof. Peter Fulde, the former President, with a partial support from the Max Planck Institute in 2007. It has been so successful that other institutes in Korea have also adopted similar programs. We plan to increase the number of the JRG groups to more than ten in the near future.

  I believe a productive new direction for the APCTP could be increased collaboration with experimentalists to find new research topics. There are more than 300 researchers on POSTECH campus in the areas of physics, chemistry, life science and materials science, not to mention the Pohang Accelerator Laboratory. I urge theoreticians to consider working with these experimental scientists in their vicinity.

  The Center is grateful to the Korean Government (MSIP), to member countries, to Gyeongbuk Province, to Pohang City, and to the host institute, POSTECH, for strong and continuous support.