ETAS 2020 - International Conference on Engineering Renewable Energy, Telecommunications, Applied Sciences and Smart Material


会议名称:ETAS 2020 - International Conference on Engineering Renewable Energy, Telecommunications, Applied Sciences and Smart Material









联系人:Dr. Robert Talab



With the rapid development of industry and information technology, researchers in all fields begin to discuss some new ideas connected with materials engineering and application. Sphere of distinction for engineering and applied sciences 2020 will provide a valuable opportunity for researchers, scholars and some scientists to exchange their ideas face to face together. The conference attracts participants in a diverse range of fields, including materials engineering and application and some other related fields.


Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Applied And Material Sciences

Artificial Intelligence, Architecture, Astronomy

Ecology, Marine Science, Physics, Space Sciences, Life sciences

Computer Sciences, Logic, Mathematics, Statistics, Systems Science

Electrical Engineering, Information Technology

Electronics Engineering , Instrumentation Engineering

Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Applied Physics

Advances in nano materials science

Alloys and coatings

Applications of biomedical materials

Atomic molecular and laser physics

Battery materials

Big data in materials science

Environmental Engineering

Solid Waste Management, Scrubbers

Carbon Capture Technologies, CO2 transport, storage and use

Global Practices of Environmental engineering law

Underpinning Technologies, Electrostatic precipitators

Catalytic converters, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

Reactive Organic Gases (ROG), Recycled container housing

Hazardous waste management, Green IT concept

Organic production of high-value products from seaweed

Floating, Ecological, multi-power source desalination plant

Hyper-sound water-purifying system

Treadmills that convert the rotation of the belt into electricity

Designer shopping Cloth bags

Computer And Information Technology

Parallel and Distributed Computing

Pattern Recognition

Performance Evaluation

Programming Languages

Reconfigurable Computing Systems

Robotics and Automation

Security & Cryptography

Software Engineering

System Security

Technology in Education

Technology Management

Theoretical Computer Science

Electrical And Mechanical Engineering

Advances in Aerospace and Automotive andAgrotechnology

Applied Sciences and Biosciences

Electrical and Electronic System

Mechatronics Applications in Agriculture and Regional Industries

Mechatronics applications in Cyber-physical Systems

Intelligent Systems and Information Technology

Material Science and Processing

Micro and Nano Systems

Robotics, Mechatronics and Sensor Technology

Social Science Studies related to Engineering and Technology