34th International conference on the physics of semiconductors(ICPS 2018)


会议名称:34th International conference on the physics of semiconductors(ICPS 2018)




所在城市:Corum, Montpellier







ICPS 2018 continues a series of biennial conferences that began in the 1950's. This meeting is the premier forum for reporting all aspects of semiconductor physics including electronic, structural, optical, magnetic and transport properties. The conference will reflect the state of art in the semiconductor physics

This event offers a special opportunity for scholars, researchers and specialists to interact, discuss future research directions and technological advancements.


Growth and Characterization

Wide bandgap semiconductors

Semiconductors for MIR and THz

Carbon-based nanostructures

Optical properties of heterostructures

2D materials and Van der Waals heterostructures

Perovskites and organic semiconductors

Point defects and artificial atoms

Physics of nanocrystals and quantum dots

Topological insulators

Quantum transport in heterostructures

Spintronics and spin phenomena

Quantum engineering

Quantum optics and nanophotonics

Devices and applications