49th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics


会议名称:49th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics




所在城市:Ft. Lauderdale, FL






1.0 Structure and Properties of Atoms, Ions, and Molecules

1.1 Spectroscopy, lifetimes, oscillator strengths

1.2 Atomic and molecular structure in static fields

1.3 Photoionization, photodetachment, and photodissociation

2.0 Atomic, Molecular, and Charged Particle Collisions

2.1 Atom-atom and atom-molecule collisions

2.2 Electron-atom collisions

2.3 Electron-molecule collisions

2.4 Ion-atom and ion-ion collisions

2.5 Collisions involving antimatter, clusters and surfaces

2.6 FOCUS: Recent developments in electron-atom collisions

3.0 Ultrafast and Strong Field Physics

3.1 Atoms, molecules, and clusters in strong fields

3.2 Strong field physics involving condensed matter

3.3 Time-resolved electron dynamics and attosecond spectroscopy

3.4 Time-resolved molecular dynamics and femtochemistry

3.5 Coherent/Quantum control: ultrafast and strong field processes

3.6 Science with XUV and X-ray free-electron lasers

3.7 FOCUS: Strong field physics in atoms and molecules

3.8 FOCUS: AMO science with free electron lasers

4.0 Lasers and Quantum Optics

4.1 Ultrafast or high intensity light sources and lasers

4.2 Narrow-band lasers

4.3 Nonlinear optics

4.4 Stopping and slowing light

4.5 Atom and matter optics

4.6 Matter wave interferometers

4.7 Quantum/Coherent control: cold gases and quantum information

5.0 Quantum Information Science

5.1 Analog quantum simulation

5.2 Digital quantum computation

5.3 Quantum measurement and tomography

5.4 Quantum gates

5.5 Hybrid quantum systems

5.6 FOCUS: Advances in quantum computing

6.0 Cold Atoms, Ions, Molecules, and Plasmas

6.1 Bose-Einstein condensates

6.2 Degenerate Fermi gases

6.3 Vortices and excitations in degenerate quantum gases

6.4 Ultracold collisions and photoassociation processes

6.5 Laser cooling and trapping

6.6 Trapped ions

6.7 Cold Rydberg gases and plasmas

6.8 Cold and ultracold molecules

6.9 Long-range or anisotropic Interactions in cold gases

6.10 Spinor gases and magnetic phenomena

6.11 Quantum gases in low dimensions

6.12 Nonlinear dynamics and out-of- equilibrium trapped gases

6.13 Dynamics of cold atoms in optical lattices

6.14 Quantum phases and atoms in optical lattices

6.15 Synthetic gauge fields and spin-orbit coupling in cold gases

6.16 FOCUS: Assembled Rydberg Matter

6.17 FOCUS: Direct Cooling of Molecules

6.18 FOCUS: Bose and Fermi Polarons

6.19 FOCUS: Non-Equilibrium Physics

7.0 Precision Measurements

7.1 Beyond the Standard Model searches, including EDM searches

7.2 Tests of basic laws

7.3 Fundamental constants

7.4 Atomic clocks

7.5 Atomic magnetometers and sensors

7.6 Precision measurements with atom interferometers

7.7 Molecular precision measurements and techniques

7.8 FOCUS: Advances in EDMs with Molecules

7.9 FOCUS: Precision measurements for new physics searches